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We Deliver Friends NOT Cargo!! USDA # 15-T-0003


Throwaway Pups Transport is a division of Throwaway Pups.  Our goal is to get dogs in need to the safety of rescues and forever homes.  We take pride in what we do and try to learn alot about your animal in the short time they are in our care.  If I notice anything out of the ordinary I will report it to you ASAP, your animal is monitored every step of the way.    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our transport, please contact Brandy by email, [email protected].  

To find out if there is room for your dog(s) on the upcoming transport, please click on the transport form page to submit a request for transport.  Each run must have a minimum number of dogs to run.  Our van tends to fill up quickly so get your requests in as soon as possible. 


Through The Eyes of the Transporter....
By Brandy Barnes (

The endless phone calls, the multiple emails, pulled in many directions, time

restraints and pressures, to know so many animals depend on you.

To drive to the hell holes of the "land of free" more like the land of euthanasia.

To walk up and down the halls, 100's of dogs looking at me "are you here for me?"

Having to tell so many of them sorry, I stop and pet each one, some of them tug

so deeply at my heart, that I call many of my rescue friends to beg them for

room, and when I have to leave them behind I cry and tell them I will try for next

time, most of the time there is no next time, the ones that make the ride show

 there appreciation in their eyes and with lots of kisses.This is for ones I leave

behind I AM SORRY.For those who ask what time will I be there, I will get there

 when I get there, I have so many to say goodbye to.


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